Here I have just started placing photographs of  Eng. Springers or Chihuahuas I have been able to place into great homes or hope to.

 There will be more to follow, from the past to the ones who come in need from the future.

  If you are interested in any information as to the availability of Rescue Springers or Chihuahua's, please feel free to contact me.

And now, the Fortunate ones.


Male Liver & White boy.


Sage, 1st day at Camp Birchwood

( Stinky, matted boy )

Transformation below


All groomed/bathed/de-matted

Mr.Stud Muffin !

Sage was used for a print ad for a new Pet Door.  Here is a test shot the studio gave me of him doing his thing.

 NEW Family   Holidays 1999

Worm otherwise renamed Boomer

Now him be a Boomaworm, (BW).


BW and his NEW Wonderful Family

" Chelsea"



She has her new family...


Into Lexington, KY Blue Grass Wonderful Home

Now she's in her lap of Luxury

Mr. Andy Weeble

2 / 14 / 00

Andys owner passed away when he was two recently and he happened to be running around the shelter when I came in to pick up the latest Springer who will be in need of a great home.

I saw Andy and realized he was a quality Chihuahua and simply blurred out,

"Give Me This Dog."

And so....  Meet Mr.Andy Weeble and his new Mom below.


He is really a very, VERY, sweet boy!


Another shelter baby given up do to a divorce. Snatched this sweet wonderful guy right up the same day as Andy mentioned above. Mr.Bub is a total delight, totally house broke and now on a merry lil ole Diet.


Bubs first day at Camp      Mr. handsome man all groomed

Mr.Bub's Wonderful New Family


          Here is a new family who really have gone the mile with so many $$$ surgery's this poor boy has had to endure.



" Chance "


Now him in a happy funderful home.

Can we say, " Couch Potato " ?



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