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Ch. Salilyn's Dynasty

                    Ch. Birchwood's B-BOP frm Jester

Ch. Jester's Finally of Folly

        Ch. Birchwood's Shaboom Vandeluc

Ch. Music City Heartlight

                    Ch. Dame Chesney's Autum Wink

Chesney's Agatha Chloe CD

Ch. Birchwood's N' Bee Done Withit

Ch. Jester's Southwind Twister

                    Ch. Filicia's Woodlyn Poet

Ch. Filicia's Custom Maid

        Ch. Jester's Poet Laureate

Ch. Jester's Southwind Twister

                    Ch. Jester's Whirlwind

Ch. Venetian Jester's Jypsi