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Birchwood Kennels

2709 W. Beaver Creek Dr.

Powell, TN. 37849

(865) 938-3201

The Camp for your Pets

Boarding / Grooming

and... Love - N!
(Heated & Air conditioned)

Birchwood Kennels, Inc., Pet Boarding & Kennels, Powell, TN  





    Back in 1989 I designed Birchwood to be totally different with the care and comfort of all families pets when it came to boarding and grooming.

    Since 1982 Birchwood has stood for quality with the line of English Springer Spaniels I became involved with so it was natural that the quality and care went into the business.

    I derived the kennel name of Birchwood for it was on the corner of Keystone and Birchwood in Skokie, IL. that I had spent my childhood.

   Keystone being the name of one of the English Springer Spaniel Clubs knocked that personal kennel name out so Birchwood was free and clear.

   There were two other English Springer Spaniel lines, long in the past, 1930's and 1950's that came and went with the name of Birchwood so I figured,

  Three Times A Charm... and it was...

It Is.

   Birchwood is also a beautiful species of tree, and now, English Springer Spaniels and Kennel.

    Here, it is affectionately known as Camp Birchwood, home of Happy Campers.




That was then...................................This is now!

Robert A. Satoloe

( owner )





The Lobby




   The K-9 and Feline  Accommodations


Just phone to make sure we're open and drop in
Any Time

Someone is on the premises 24/7

Kennel Hours 


Mon. Wed. Thurs. Fri. check in
  8:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M. and 4 P.M. - 6 P.M.

Tues. check in
8:00 am ~ 11:00

Sat. check in
8:00 am ~ 2:00 pm  
Monday through Saturday checkout
8:00 am ~ 12:00 noon
Sun. check out only
4:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm


Copy of current vaccination
records required
including Bordatella
(kennel cough)  

Kennel Rates
(effective 11/01/2015)

Nightly rate: $30.00
(which includes tax and insurance)
Ask in the lobby
about additional services  

Friday - Sunday  ~ $90.00

Saturday - Sunday ~ $60.00

After Hours Fee



Fresh Air * In door/Out door runs




      Beautiful Scenery and Country right outside

the Knoxville City Limits






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