This page has been created to remember those wonderful dogs from my past that have been the inspiration to keep my head on straight and eyes forward to the future.



Lysa J. Ped-a-Paws  1960s     Momoken Beach early 70s      Bares-Bear early 80s


DC & Sheena 1981                         Birf #1 ESS                         Ge Ge Bones

Birchwood's model for the Logo


Hughstes V. Mhutt,        Mr.B. Plumpness Himself,        Stock-E-Bonds


            OD L's B,                        lil ZoZo,         Tori Schwann Toners



Ch. Dame Chesney's Autum Wink                                 Brendael's Glowing Moment  


         Ch. Birchwood's' Fantabulous                                      Birchwood's Wonce Up-On A Time

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CH. Birchwood Believe RAS


  CH. Birchwood's Fifth Element




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